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General soul research-Case Study 6:the special experiences of Forensic Risong Yang

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General soul research-Case Study 6:the special experiences of Forensic Risong Yang

Author :Chang Kai-Chi  張開基

translation: 某君

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Between Sanzhi and Yeliu in Taipei County, there is a place called Laomei. More than 20 years ago, a woman was seriously ill because of her family. Yang Risong followed the forensic doctor of the Taiwan Provincial Criminal Police Corps at that time, which is now the professor of the Central Police Officer School. Dr. Ye Zhaoqu went to the test. There are also prosecutors and registrars.

After examining the corpse, they went to Danshui for dinner and drank some wine, and they took a ride back to Taipei on a rainy night. On the way, Yang Risong discovered that there was a young woman in the carriage. He thought who was taking the car from Danshui, and he was embarrassed to ask that he only touched the clerk with his elbow, and the clerk smiled intently.

When the car passed Shilin's border, and the checkpoint fence was actually put down to block the way. Everyone more surprised, a police officer came forward to ask them about their identity, that is, they reported to the prosecutor that they were stopping their car because of the female body at the Danshui river under the Taipei Bridge. Ask the prosecutor to go to the autopsy.

Such a toss, the young woman in the car, has quietly left when others are not paying attention.

The car went to the riverside morgue, the criminal police reached out to uncover the straw mat, lit the flashlight, and they took a breath of cold air, and the heart was shocked. The original deceased was the woman who had just appeared in their carriage, and several people had seen it before.

The police initially investigated that the deceased had a lover who was not doing business, and she was a cash cow, and she could not bear it. The two quarreled. According to her coward, the lover told the police that when they passed the Taipei Bridge in the evening, the car was blocked and stopped. She hurriedly jumped out of the car and threw herself into the water and could not save it.

But the deceased, why would they appear in Yang Risong’s car? After the prosecutor confessed to the criminal police to carefully check, and later found out, the deceased was drowned by her lover.

The forensic doctor Yang Risong has examined more than 10,000 corpses and dissected more than 6,000 of them. Together with the number of internal organs examined, he has dealt with more than 20,000 dead people. In this way, the forensic doctor Yang Risong encountered It’s no surprise that strange and strange events are happening.

Forensic Yang Risong once told a story:

In the early years, there was a forensic doctor. One night and a half, the phone in the home was ringing. Her wife climbed up from the bed and answered the phone, and handed the phone to him. She was confused and heard that he had reported to the Three Gorges that he had a murder case, and asked him to go to the next day.

There are cases on the second day. After he checked the corpse, and came back chatted with her wife, they suddenly felt so horrible!

Because his family did not have a phone at all.

This story is named after a surname and has an address. Because of the folk customs, this kind of thing is unlucky. Since then, the forensic doctor did not mention it, so Yang Risong’s forensic doctor asked the reporter to "not to mention the forensic doctor’s name."


On one occasion, Yang Risong went to Yilan Suao Rongmin Hospital to dissect a female corpse. On the way back, the car encountered an inexplicable "Ecstasy Array". The car went around and went back to Yilan. Yang Risong felt that something was wrong, and he checked the corpse once again, the answer is in the lung of the corpse. There is poison in the lungs.

In the year 81(1992), Yang Risong went to the Tamsui Beach in Tamsui to exam the "faceless female body". On the night, she dreamed of a woman with blood on her face. Yang Risong’s second test showed that the face of the female corpse was cut off by the knife, not the previous judgment, damaged by Crab foraging.

Dr. Ye Zhaoqu, who has known Dr. Yang Risong for more than 10 years, asked Dr. Yang Risong more than once, "Do you believe there are any ghosts?"

Dr. Yang Risong shook his head seriously and added: "The soul may be there." Dr. Yang Risong said. There is a reason he said in that way. Although our civilians and ordinary people have no chance to see it, they have also passed down these amazing events.

Forty-four years ago, Dr. Ye Zhaoqu was converted to a forensic doctor in Kaohsiung from the Department of Pediatrics. The first murder case was a pair of mothers and sons in a small hut in the field. They were buried in a fire because of fire.

On the night, Dr. Ye Zhaoqu dreamed that the woman cried to Ye Zhaoqu and said that she and her son suffering from epidemic meningitis were actually murdered. Early the next morning, Dr. Ye Zhaoqu went to the laboratory to exam that the boy was burned to death, but she was not.

According to the inspection report of the forensic doctor of Ye Zhaoqu, the police conducted an in-depth investigation and finally broke the case. The murderer is her husband. Because of his affair, he want to separate with his wife. That day they quarreled in the house. Under the wrath, he grabbed the bottle and stunned her, thinking that he was dead, and simply slammed the house.

Another time Dr. Ye Zhaoqu took a nap, dreaming of a woman asking him to help her case. Two hours later he went to the Danshui River to examine the body. The deceased was the woman who appeared in his dream. Dr. Ye Zhaoqu found out that she was "falling into the water after death". The criminal police then found out that she was thrown into the river after being killed by a man.

Another time, Dr. Ye Zhaoqu dreamed that a man nodded to him and passed away. After three days, he went to the deep mountain in Pingtung County to test the corpse. The deceased was this person.

Finally, the police found out that he was a teacher in the north, suffered from mental illness and died of suicide.

"Dream" is one of the incredible spooky events, but from the collection of some real spiritual events, "Dream" seems to be people have to believe?

He believes in the soul. For the soul, Yang Risong cites the "FM" electromagnetic wave that Japanese scholars say, explaining his view of the soul. It is a bit like the "sixth sense" that the average person said: there is the being in the universe beyond the human senses.

Yang Risong said: "FM (frequency modulation) waves oscillate in the air, invisible and colorless, but no one can deny their existence. After the FM waves are received by the radio, they are converted into sounds." The human brain cells are also a radio. The visual, auditory, and olfactory messages are also received by the brain. Some waves can be detected at the level of consciousness, while some waves operate in the subconscious.

Yang Risong believes that there will be a period of time after death, and the brainwaves will be in a free state. If some conditions are combined with the brains of people with strong inductive ability (just like the radio frequency is adjusted), there may be some dreams or other induction phenomenon.

(About "Yang Risong": Taiwan's famous forensic doctor, known as "Sherlock Holmes", is also an important symbol of Taiwan's judicial system and mystery novels. During his student period, Yang Risong was very interesting in the book "Collecting of criminal case" of the Song Dynasty, “The court forensic medicine", and "Referee medicine". Therefore, he chose the unpopular basic medicine and became the only student specializing in "forensic medicine." At that time, Du Qing, dean of the National Taiwan University Medical College (the first medical doctor in Taiwan) In the 39th year of the Republic of China (1950), Yang Forensic graduated from the "Specialized Department of the Hospital of Taiwan University." His famous students include Mr. Yang Zhenzhong, Dr. Zhao Rongfa, Dr. He Dunli, etc. From the 37th year(1948) of the Republic of China, he entered the Taiwan Provincial Police Department and began to serve as a forensic doctor. He served in the same unit for more than 40 years.

Starting in 1948, Yang Risong’s forensic doctor began his internship with the Taiwan Police Department and examined tens of thousands of bodies in decades. In order to show respect for the deceased, he did not wear masks. The case of the Gonggongzhen corpse, the five-box corpse case, the Jiang Zicui corpse case, etc. are all cases that he participated in the inspection. In the life of the doctor, Yang Risong has been exposed to all kinds of deceased people. Even the office where he wrote the anatomical report has a head of Sun Boying’s head, which was the deceased case of the new store in the 1940s, the relative of the decease didn’t take the head badk, so it is soaking in the formalin solution.

Because of the deep forensic qualifications, in many controversial cases, Yang  was asked to investigate, he is working under considerable pressure. In Yang’s concept of forensic medicine, he does not like the media and the outside world to cast a special eye on the “forensic” profession. In the 66th year of the Republic of China, the TV company wanted to shoot the album of Yang Risong. He refused and even disobeyed his superiors. He said: "If the authority of the individual is too established, then the system of medical treatment will gradually become ineffective." This is a powerful statement. In all fairness, the aura of Yang Risong's forensic doctor is not acceptable to him. He does not like to expose himself to the media before he only wants to concentrate on his work.

Yang Risong were worried about the faults of domestic forensic doctors. In the Republic of China in 1979, the “Forensic Medicine Association” was established. In 1973, the “Republic of China Forensic Medicine Association” was established, with the goal of cultivating forensic talents and promoting Forensic exchanges, but later faced difficulties due to funding shortages. In addition, in the 69th year of the Republic of China (1980 AD), Yang Forensic Medicine also assisted the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Defense in opening forensic training classes. The University of Tokyo in Japan has awarded the "Honorary Doctor of Forensic Medicine" to him. In the 87th year of the Republic of China (AD 1998), Yang Forensic retired as the director of the Forensic Medicine Office and was awarded the "Special Guide to the Star of the Stars" by the Presidential Palace. The forensic career totaled about 50 years. After he retired, the Criminal Bureau still had special courtesy to help him keep the office, and the juniors of the bailiff still often sought help from him. On November 23, 2011, at 3 am today, because of colorectal cancer complicated with liver failure, Yang died at the Cathay Pacific Hospital at the age of 84, and this day is just the birthday of Yang Risong.

(The above information is compiled from online news)

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