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General soul research-Case Study 4:"Ghost House Lawsuit" in front of Taipei Station

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General soul research-Case Study 4:"Ghost House Lawsuit" in front of Taipei Station

Author :Chang Kai-Chi  張開基

translation: 某君

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Note: This incident occurred in 1988 and is the second time for the author of this book. It is also the practical experience of "wake" in an active way.

The "Haunted House" incident in front of the Taipei Railway Station has become the hottest topic since the beginning of the spring this year, and it is the first "ghost house lawsuit" in the country. It is a lot of attention from all walks of life. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, everyone can't wait to know how the judges in the human world make the judge related to the will break this sin.

   I am afraid those readers who love this magazine (note: the "mystery magazine" founded by the author) are quite puzzled; why have they always insisted on reporting all kinds of mysterious phenomena on the spot, always taking the hot events happening everywhere? The first-hand information was first presented to the readers of this magazine. This time, the stunned winds encountered the slow lang. The April issue was not mentioned, and the May issue was only a slow warning. It was really weird.

   In fact, this news in all the domestic news Psychic, I am afraid that the first issue of this journal will get clues; as early as mid-February, Mr. Li Yongran, the defendant who accepted this "ghost house lawsuit", studied the matter with the author. And exchanged opinions. At that time, Mr. Li repeatedly asked for all temporary secrecy, and then reported the case after the case was clear. Therefore, although the author was very upset and itchy, he still agreed to his request.

   On April 16th, a news production team of central TV called: through the relationship of this magazine, they wish to invite a psychic or a great master to go to the scene to help, hoping to communicate with the legendary ghosts. Of course, if you can take a strange picture of a "ghosted building" through a TV camera, it will definitely be a break-through event.

   At the time, in the archives in my mind, the first listed information was Mr. Lin Dao, a super psychologist who currently is most authoritativeexpert in that field.

On April 17th, at 4:20 pm on Wednesday, the author led three staff members of the journal to the haunted house. The artists lady has the special ability to feel about ghost, so she was asked to be onsite to provide some assistance. The other two were the staff is responsible for photography and recording, hopefully they could record something or take pictures.

   In accepting Ms. Wu’s interview, Ms. Li’s talks were really clear-cut and eloquent, and the quotations, such as the number of Jane’s, are no wonder that he is so famous at such a young age. He is really gifted, all of us were excited for his performance during the interview.

   In the middle of the video, everyone privately exchanged views on this "ghost house". Of course, everyone said "believe! Believe! Believe" will never be broadcast on TV, nor will it be published in any newspaper or magazine. After all, these words can only be talked privately. But this is also necessary, any knowledge about that house will be helpful for us, we need collect all the information available before we physically enter that house.

   When I walked out of the hall, some of the students who had had actual contact in the room, who had seen or even been beaten on the nose, were there. Mr. Lin Dao took the opportunity to ask them in detail about the situation at the time. I was annoyed, so I was not afraid of it. Instead, I shrugged my shoulders and said that I was helpless, but the same thing was that these students were all convinced and earnest, and they did not see any false or exaggerated things.

   The author also talked with the personnel in a cram school. According to him, he secretly told me that it was the peak time in August and September last year. At the scene pointed out by the students, a staff member is just opening his mouth and only felt a strong force rushing into the mouth, straight through the brain, making him extremely painful and even more alarming.

Later, in order to calm the fear of ghosts, so that students can live in peace, they have to invite a master who is said to have a strong skill. He will serve as a bridge to communicate with those ghosts. Only then will he know that this place is actually the underworld. This place actually was a brothel for ghosts, so every there were a lot ghosts visiting this place. Suddenly 70 young students moved in to the house, and these students were full of Yang. These students inevitably affected the interest of the ghosts to find pleasure, so the brain anger will often manifest developed to scare students, hoping that students will not dare to live any longer.

   At that time, the cram school was afraid of retreating and relocating, and the loss was too great. Therefore, the ghosts were constantly pleading with the ghosts, but these ghosts were obviously stubborn and did not care about the "human" feeling. Instead, they refused and ultimatum that the class must be relocated before the end of September, otherwise the result could be really bad.

   That drove the cram school crazy. At the same time, they were looking for a house to settle these students not from local. On the one hand, they were suffering the big economic loss. With other reasons that are hard to overcome, they were unable to move out the house before end of September, which is the deadline made by these ghosts.

It’s really an incredible strange thing! Throughout October, no student came to the class to sign up, so that all the staff members who had been enrolling in the cram school’s enrollment were all numb in the scalp, and under the extreme shock of their psychological hair, they were all stunned and no one dared.

They absolutely believe that it must be the "ghosts" were doing something. Then no one dares to wait for it again, they have to give up unconditionally, immediately relocate and coordinate with the landlord, but the landlord didn’t agree. Not to accept the haunted reason, so the lawsuit broke out like this. However, something stranger is still behind...

After the cram school broke the lease and moved out, A large number of students came to the school ask for enrollment, even 10 times more than usual. All the stuff members of the school were impressed and scared. They did believe that these ghosts were actually very powerful.

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After entering the building formally, the photography only took pictures, and it was not affected at all. Soon, the work for external appearance was done.

Three people including Central TV Company, four of the journalists, Mr. Lin Dao, the staff of the tutoring class and four or five students, one by one, went up the stairs, and one of the left side of the third floor is still living, but To the stairs is a walkway, inside is a student dormitory, but locked by a wooden door, so that we can’t enter. Slowly walked up to the fourth floor. The strange thing is that because of the large number of people, the speed of our first-order steps was quite slow, but when we went up to the fourth floor, we felt that the chest was very dull. I couldn’t figure out that I was going upstairs and panting? Is it a psychological effect? Or is it really prelusion about encounter of ghost? We really broke into the center of the low pressure, and was shrouded in some kind of special energy?

   The 5th and 6th floors are the most tough places in the legendary haunted, but the students who have had personal experience in the tutoring class have pointed to the 5th and 6th floors. Since the old building has only five floors, the sixth floor is the part that is covered on the balcony. Half of it is a student dormitory that is covered with rather simple materials. It is densely packed, and the height of the roof is low. It is a "pigeon cage" in the middle of the room, and the other half is a balcony. Looking down from the north, you can see the Zhongxiao West Road and the Taipei Station where people are crowded. The sound of the car and the dazzling neon lights are intertwined into a typical metropolis Rhapsody. In such a noisy and colorful environment, it is not an easy task to study and prepare for the joint entrance exam. At this time, because there were no people living in the dormitory for nearly half a year, all the garbage and dust were piled up on the table. The empty bottles on the table and some bottles of refreshing oral liquid could also be seen. Strong joint test pressure, the thin three-ply wall also has some self-deprecating or venting graffiti, which makes people who are both funny and very sympathetic to these painful candidates, so it is inevitable to doubt the other reasons for the haunted in society. A kind of speculation: Is it because of the heavy pressure of the joint examination, the resulting mental and physical disorders, an illusion produced in the state of mental paralysis?

In fact, in order to maintain an objective research attitude, the author certainly needs to accept all speculations, rather than preconceived, immediately determined that there must be ghosts here?

   However, at this time, the company’s lady with special sensing ability stood outside the balcony, and her face was astonished. When I rushed out, she told the onlookers: “Hey! My right arm is totally paralyzed, I can’t move at all, I seem to have been caught by something?”

   Some people listened to the intimidation on the spot, and the author was also very surprised. She thought she must be frightened and asked if she had similar experience before. She replied that she had never asked her if she was afraid, but she smiled and said, "I am not afraid! But this feeling is really strange!"

   Mr. Lin Dao heard the sound and asked for a moment. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his thoughts. He touched her with his own super power. He pointed to her in less than fifteen seconds: "Don't be afraid; "they" Trying to communicate with you!"

   Waiting for about five minutes, this special lady no longer had further induction except for the right arm paralysis. Mr. Lin Dao had to pick up his super power and help her get rid of this kind of situation. Lin Dao just simply show a position and ask the young lady to do the same thing, then the young lady was supposed to do it, and her right arm immediately returned to normal. The others watching at the side were amazed, but because the author had seen the super power of Mr. Lindau many times. It is true that there are such abilities, so I am not surprised.

   At this time, the personnel of Central TV had prepared the equipment and filmed it everywhere. The author accompanied Mr. Lin Dao to enter the two adjacent rooms where he sensed the presence of special energy, closed the door and all the lights, one-hand on the forehead, and one hand straight forward, then close his eyes, first concentrate on the mind, less than twenty seconds, the whole body slowly rotates, the purpose is to use the super-inductive ability to judge the location of the special energy storage...

   Mr. Lin Dao used his super-inductive force to track and detect and did not open his eyes at all. At this time, he pointed to the slab wall: "Here! Here!"

   In the rather dark room question, the four or five people present at the moment were all slightly erected, as if the air inhaled was a little heavy, but it quickly became a kind of excitement of hunting. Lin Dao opened the door, and the Central TV staff took the camera out immediately...

   Then, Mr. Lin Dao invited the young lady with super-inductive ability to test according to her prescription. After she closed her eyes, she rotated for more than ten laps. In the case that she could not determine the correct direction at all, she could only feel on her own induction, she pointed out the place with the strongest specific energy. As a result, it is surprising that the place she pointed out is exactly the same as that determined by Mr. Lin Dao - it is the partition wall of the same three-ply material, during the test. In the eyes of the public (including the camera), which did not add any artificial hints or guidance, and asked her afterwards, she said: I only feel that there is a strong suction in the traction of her right hand, as if sucking her energy, It can be obvious that your energy flows from your arm to your fingertips and then from your fingertips. The whole fingertip has a pungent sensation: but it only responds to the same orientation. In the case of closed eyes, it can only be judged by intuition. The body will sense once every turn, and then finally determine the position that it has induced.

After three times of induction, the Lin Dao master quietly pointed to the room that we were targeted for, so the two young ladies and the two students of the cram school, as we entered, six people squeezed into this small In the room, it was very stuffy, but everyone looked at it and looked forward to closing the door and the electric light. Only a window in the west of the wall still had a strong neon flash, and the effect of the "death" ceremony was going on. Very large, the students volunteered to find some old newspapers to cover the window, and finally the whole room was darker. Mr. Lin Dao first modestly told everyone that the soul is not completely understood by modern humans, so I am not 100%. I can see everyone, but I will try my best to try it out. I hope that you must be objective and calm. If you have something to say, if you don’t say it, then this is the true objective research spirit!

   After talking about his own use of super-inductive ability to determine a more precise orientation, pointing at the right angle between the door and the wall: Good! Let us now concentrate on the idea and ask it to show up. Come! Let's concentrate on the idea and let us supply energy to it...

At that time, I believed that all the people present were like me, and their eyes were wide open. On the one hand, they were excited and expecting. On the other hand, they were somewhat nervous. Because no one knows the dark and gloomy room. What kind of strange things will happen?

   However, I am busier than others. In order to be afraid of missing a chance, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I took the camera and got the consent of Mr. Lin Dao. I kept using the flash or using the B-shutter to make various combinations of photography. I hope. Because the photosensitive area of ​​the film is different from the naked eye, it can cover the lack of the naked eye.

   Although I always remind myself to concentrate, on the one hand, I have to adjust the camera by touch, and I have to pay attention to the movement in the corner, so I will inevitably be distracted. However, I really don’t know that I am also sensitive or very lucky. After about ten minutes, I suddenly saw dark sphere in the corner of the wall. At first, I suspect my eyes’ problem. When I looked it again, It’s really like a shadow of black smoke. It’s human.

There is nothing wrong with the shape, but it is too vague. It can't be tell from a man or a woman. It can only see the direction and posture of its standing. The most impressive thing is that there is something white on her neck. I don’t know. Collar or cloth? This kind of scene is not fleeting. I have stayed at least four or five seconds according to my own estimation. However, I was so horrified that I tried to see it more clearly, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye, even without any image remaining. Note: However, it can only be said that at the time, the last "feeling" was a woman).

   Just when I had no time to open my mouth, Master Lin Dao turned on the light and asked everyone: Who saw it? Who saw it? What are the characteristics of his body?

   The lady of the agency was the first to say that she saw a vague silhouette, the position was in the corner, but nothing else was seen...

At this time, I was standing next to Mr. Lin Dao. My left hand was pointing at my neck. I didn’t know what to say but couldn’t say it. I just pointed my neck and wanted him to know, but Mr. Lin Dao also took a hand to his neck: "Her neck..."

   "She has a white band around her neck!" This is what I suddenly said when I blurted out. The sound was loud and surprised, even I was surprised!

   "Yes! Right! Right! That's right!" Mr. Lin Dao looked at me quite surprised.

   Cannot wait him to speak again, I went all the way to the corner and imitated the posture of the shadow I saw, and I used my hand to the height of the wall. According to my estimation, it was only about 153 to 100. At about fifty-five centimeters in height, Mr. Lindau immediately came over and shot my shoulder: "Yes! Right! I saw exactly the same as you, I really didn't expect your sense of power to be so strong!"

   In fact, I don't believe I have any super-inductive ability at all; although I have had more exciting experience in spiritual contact more than a decade ago, I not only saw the image, but also saw the aura, and later maintained the third in nearly half a year. I always hope that I am an ordinary person. I really have a very strong interest in spiritual events or all mysterious phenomena, and I still continue to work on the report to the present, but I have never tried to practice or try to psychic. Therefore, I have never been a teacher in my life, I can't accept my disciples, and I don't have any mana. I often hear people from outside say that I am his disciple or think that I have any special power. By the way, I also clarify this. It is just a legend. Just a joke.

   Therefore, I am willing to say for sure; this time I did see it, is it a ghost? I think I should be reserved, because I really don't know what I saw? Let the experts and scholars who have studied more later explain it!

   I was out of the door and looked around again, but I couldn’t wait for me and Mr. Lin Dao to think about it, because they heard it outside the door. Although they turned off the camera, I still talked to them in a private attitude. I hope that these things will not be Disclosure.

   Then, at their request, in the same room, Mr. Lindau made it again in the same way as I did. I followed it, but this time was longer, but I didn’t see anything. Even Mr. Lin Dao did not see it. The disappointment of the Central TV staff is conceivable, but who can guarantee that we can see it every time?

What's more, there is a soul research institution in the United States that has offered a huge sum of money. As long as anyone can really attract ghosts in the eyes of the public to let everyone see it, this bonus is his. However, as far as I know, this bonus has not yet been taken away. It can be seen that the ghosts are hard to measure. If the ghosts can come and go, everyone can see them anytime, just like we are on the road. Seeing a dog, a cat, then the ghost is not unusual, and lost the original mystery.

This time, I took a total of two rolls of negatives, one roll of color, one roll of black and white, and so on. I saw an irregular tab blank, and I couldn’t find a reason, but in the room. The part that was shot was completely normal and not the same, but the only one that was shot on the balcony, but in the middle of the picture, there was a strange white smoke, very light, but it can be seen that it is very weird? Because the background wall is cement and side-mounted, it is reasonable to say that it is impossible to reflect. What's more, there are a lot of people on the scene. Can you prove that when I took this photo, there was no smoke or white light on the scene? It has been proved by many friends who understand photography that this layer of light is floating in the air.

   Thursday, April 18. In the evening, because of a related event, I had an appointment with Dr. Dai Sike and Ms. Song Gangling, the consultants of the magazine, to meet at the “Charity Hall” of Master Lu Jinghu at Fuyang Street.

   Because knowing that Dr. Dai Sike’s visit to China is focused on the study of medium, it is a scientific and objective attitude towards ghosts, but such a perfect opportunity may be able to understand it deeper, I believe he will be interested. After started the topic, he couldn’t wait it, and asked to go to the "Night Ghost House" on the same night. I have known his acute son long ago, but I didn’t expect it to be so serious.

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In fact, I was hoping to ask Master Lu to personally come out with his knowledge of the "Spiritual Theurgy" and the spiritual aspects, as well as extremely high manpower, which may lead to more perfect and deeper contact. Master Lu listened with a happy consent, but he said frankly that although he is proficient in "Guan ling theurgy" he is not a psychic or psychic person. He cannot see the souls or ghosts with his own eyes, so he must contact two people living in the middle. The psychic disciples traveled with them, and the two psychic disciples had super-eyes, and they could always see the world that ordinary people could not see with the naked eye.

   Of course, with my understanding of Master Lu, he is a person who seeks truth from facts. Knowing it is knowing, unknowing it is unknowing, never swearing, not being good at self-promotion. He will never exaggerate his ability. Because "Guan Ling theurgy" is not the same as Psychic or Psychic, the role played by the Master is only a guide to lead the soul to the underworld. It is almost incomprehensible, just like a guide that leads tourists to go to the beach. He is familiar with the path and give others correct guidance. He may not swim himself. Guides for tourists to go skiing in Mountain in the winter are not necessarily skiers. I am very admired for Master Lu. He is not like some warlocks who specialize in ghosts, blowing the sky, pretending they know everything;there is no one they don’t know. Even some of them cannot communicate with soul/ghost, but they still pretend they are able to meet with ghost, gods.  

However, Master Lu told us that the psychic people live in the middle of Taiwan. They usually work very busy. They only available time is Saturday and will come to Taipei. Dr. Dai Sike listened, and the color of disappointment turned to the face. I had to spread my hands: "Be patient! Wait until Saturday night."
   At the same time, Mr. He, the photography consultant of this magazine, listened to our splendid contact with Mr. Lin Dao on Wednesday. He was so excited that He went alone. He took a photographic equipment and went straight upstairs. I really admire his daring. This time he did not get anything, so I also called at this time, hoping to participate in our "contact activities" on Saturday.

   It’s hard to get to the 8:30 on Saturday night. Everyone made an appointment to meet Master Lu’s “Charity Hall”. After arriving, I realized that only one psychic person came today, and another person could not arrive, but There are seven or eight men and women who follow Master Lu’s study of "Guan Ling theurgy". They are also interested in going to the "on-the-spot internship", After counting number of people, there were me, Dr. Dai, Mr. He, a total of thirteen people, suddenly a whim, asked Dr. Dai: "This is a coincidence! Do you have any taboo on the number of thirteen?"

   He said a succinct Chinese idiom: "I have no taboos!"

   After all the people arrived, I explained to them the situation on the spot and asked everyone to pay attention to order and keep calm. Any unexpected things happened at that time, and I listened to Master Lu’s command to believe that with his mana, it would certainly protect everyone’s safe.

   There were more than ten people in the line. I took a few cars and ran to the scene in the night... After I arrived at the scene, I remembered that there were two artists in the agency who had an appointment at the door. One of them had special induction last time.

   In order not to disturb the peace of other households, the group of people was divided into two groups to go upstairs. At this time, I became a guide of course. Although I have seen a lot of strange things in the past, I don’t think that I am courageous, but I am the first to rely on my hand. A pen-type small flashlight illuminates the way, but also to open these doors one by one. According to the conscience, it is inevitable that it is uncomfortable, not to mention the previous time I have seen it!

   It’s hard to come to the balcony on the sixth floor and enter the room that I had contacted before. Fortunately, the lights are good, the lights are turned on, and the gloomy atmosphere is psychically reduced.

   After the equipment was arranged, Master Lu and the psychic man who came from the central part of the country took the lead to enter the room numbered 60, and everyone else was waiting outside.

   Soon, the psychic Mr. Chen affirmed that he saw it. There was a woman standing outside the balcony corner, but she refused to come in.

   Master Lu: "Try it, can you talk to her?"

   Mr. Chen calmed for a while and shook his head: "She ignored me and said nothing!"

   Master Lu: "Is it still there?"

   Mr. Chen: "Always!"

I took Mr. He quietly out of the balcony and looked around carefully but did not see anything. Asked the lady with super induction, she shook her head too:

"There has been no special induction today!"

   When I walked into the room again, while preparing the camera, there was a disciple of Master Lu, who was a middle-aged woman who was amiable. She refused to go upstairs with everyone at the beginning. At this time, she closed her eyes and raised her hand. One hand pointed to the room from the outside, when the psychic Mr. Chen said:

   "It is coming! Now behind me, is a woman?"

   Master Lu: "Can you describe her appearance?"

   Mr. Chen: "Women, they are very tall! About 168 to 170 centimeters or so, they are very beautiful, much like classical beauty..."

   Master Lu: "What about clothes?"

   Mr. Chen: "It’s gray and white, the lower body can’t see clearly, but she still has a child in her hand!

   The people who watched outside were shocked and happy...

   Master Lu: "She is standing there now? Can you talk to her!"

   Mr. Chen: "She went out, still didn't say it!"

   It was quiet for a while, and Mr. He and I were busy taking pictures of those possible directions, hoping that there would be a miracle for us to take a picture of the scene. After a while, Mr. Chen pointed to his back: "Let's take a look here!"

   Because he leaned against the table, the table was attached to the partition wall pointed out by Mr. Lin Dao. In order to avoid some mistakes, he had to take a few shots on both sides. At this time, I realized the so-called deeper. What does it mean to "walk through the wall"? In fact, the walls we call do not exist for the ghosts. They are completely free to come and go, so in the east, in the west, but in the real world, we are subject to one side of the wall, and "inconvenient to move."

   At this time, Mr. Chen said again: "Come on! Come!"

   Soon, he pointed to the lower layer of the double-layer wooden bed directly opposite, but he said very calmly: "She is sitting there now!"

   This is shocking. Everyone has stretched his neck and widened his eyes. Want to see what is wrong? However, we normal people still cannot see anything special; bed is still bed.

Mr. Chen: "She is now feeding her children! Just leaning on the corner!"

   Hey! This can be even more exciting, but let's let those people who are naked in the eye make their eyes bigger and bigger.

   Master Lu: "You told her: We came in good faith and asked why she would stay here and see if we need help."

   Mr. Chen: "She spoke! She said thank you!"

   Master Lu: "Why are she here?"

   Mr. Chen: "She said that their family lives here, always here?"

   Master Lu: "Why ask her why she is not going to reincarnate?"

   Mr. Chen: "She said that their family is very good and safe here. Do not know when to reincarnate?"

   Master Lu: "Then why do you ask her why she often gets in shape and scares the students who live here?"

   Mr. Chen: "She said that she was very sorry. She was not interested, because her children were too young, and the students were sometimes too noisy. She was afraid of having a child, and she was in a hurry... she has been saying sorry to us. Oh! She is really kind!"

   The gathering of the present was no longer afraid at this time. Instead, she turned to the kind woman for her infinite pity and love. I really hope to help her. Ugh! I really don't know if this is such a female ghost.

   Unfortunately, she obviously didn't like to talk about her past. She just asked us to give her a little silence because her child was falling asleep and hoped that we would not wake him up.

   Master Lu gave everyone a look, and everyone walked away with a light hand. Only listened to Master Lu asking Mr. Chen to tell: "You ask her if she needs money. Can we burn it for her?"

   Mr. Chen: "She always said thank you!"

   Master Lu: "You told her that I didn't bring it now. I went back to the church and burned it to her. Can she receive it?"

   Mr. Chen: "She said yes!"

   Master Lu: "Okay! Tell her that we are leaving. Go back and burn the paper money to her!"

   Mr. Chen: "She said thank you again and said goodbye to everyone!"

   When we retreated to the balcony, Mr. Chen pointed out and said, "Her child woke up and ran out, now on the wall."

   Said that he still touched his head: "It’s so cute!"

   Of course, we didn't see anything.

   When I went downstairs, everyone was reluctant, but looking at the table, it was already 11 o'clock. Master Lu had to rush back to Taoyuan. Mr. Chen had to go back to Taichung, but Mr. Chen said at this time: "In fact, there were more in the fourth floor. I saw a lot of black shadows when I went downstairs?"
Everybody got excited again and were ready to go to the fourth floor. Mr. Chen will go back first, but Master Lu shook his head and said, "Let's be next time, otherwise we will miss the last bus!"

   So this night sneak came to an end, leaving behind endless excitement. But the more exciting is still behind.

   After the second day of the second volume, a black and white photo was washed out, but a very strange photo was found in the black and white photo; the first three plywood partitions pointed out when I went with Mr. Lin Dao for the first time. In the middle of the wall, there is a picture of a woman's large body, but the height and body shape are similar to those of the psychic Mr. Chen. With the horror and excitement, finally I objectively calm, take out the negative observation carefully, and then ask the staff of the washing shop to verify the original scene in the foot, instead of the unwashed water on the surface of the film.

   After returning, I went to the spiritual and photography experts who could be contacted at that time. After repeated appraisal, they all thought that it was not a problem of negatives or photos. At the scene of the photo, there were more than a dozen people at the time, which could prove on the slab. There are no images, reflections, or traces of water. This can be compared with another photo. Of course, as a spiritual researcher, it is still too late to be true. It is even more impossible to fake, not double exposure, not Darkroom techniques, which are easily identified on the negatives. Therefore, everyone's conclusions agree that it is not an accidental coincidence that can be explained. And this photo is also the most powerful conclusion of the second inquiry.

   Ghost; a form of life in the underworld, living in a world exactly the same as ours, except that the frequency of the dimension is different. Only in the interlacing of accidental electro-optical fires, the two dimensions cause the humans to "see" or touch them because of the overlapping frequency. In addition, it is possible for "ghost spirit" to influence our nerve conduction system with "Mind/thinking" energy, let us "see", "hear" or "recognize".

   Of course, so far, this is only a hypothesis, and no one can prove it or prove it without being recognized. Therefore, "there is no ghost in the end" becomes a matter of opinion. However, both the believer and the unbelief have their own positions, and there is really no need to try to persuade each other. But among all human beings, people who absolutely believe and absolutely do not believe are still only a minority. The vast majority of people are between trust and unbelief, and doubtfulness. Whether or not there are really ghosts, at least most people heard a lot ghost related stories/legends in their hearts. So for a legendary haunted place, everyone always respects ghosts and spirits as far as possible. Even those who do not believe in ghosts are still afraid to spend the night alone. Why?

   Because the world of ghosts is different from the world of our reality, not just the problem of "seeing" and "not seeing", but sometimes it is just a kind of induction and embarrassment. In the case, there is sometimes a feeling of "gloomy, creepy". If everything is to be seen, then our view for this world will be limited/narrowed?

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