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Thanks for One Dollar 一塊錢的感恩

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Thanks for One Dollar

Author :Chang Kai-Chi      張開基


In Hanoi, the capital of North Vietnam, the lives of the general public were still somewhat backward compared with those in Taiwan. The streets were full of "locomotives", and there are many very small roadside food stalls. The hawkers mostly sell some vegetables, fruits or daily necessities, and they were very hard to sell, earning a little profit and making a living; or women picking up some fruits and vegetables grown by themselves; traveling long distances to the city to sell, earning a little money to make up Household.

The living cost of North Vietnam was very low. The price of native fruits was very cheap. Like the pineapple, the size was not big. Some wild ones may only be as big as Pomelo.

However, the sweet and sour taste is moderate, there was no fiber stuffing, it was delicious, and the roadside was usually sold. After peeling, you can hold it directly, about 10,000 VND can buy 3, equivalent to NT$14, one less than 5 yuan (1 Taiwan dollar can be exchanged for 700 VND, 100 yuan is 70,000 rupiah)

When visiting the oldest and most large-scale "town temple" in Hanoi, next to the "West Lake" of "Hanoi", there were many hawkers selling fixed-point gold paper and special products, and some were picking up a hawker selling fruit;

We were waiting for the local tour guide to arrange a visit. There was a young woman who picked wild pineapples with a bamboo pole and tried to sells to us. One basket was with complete fruits and the other side was sliced fruits, still retaining some leaves on the fruits. However, I was afraid that it was not hygienic, and I did not like to leave the juice residue on my hands. If there was no place to wash my hands nearby; the sticky feeling is unpleasant, so of course, I have not bought ------

This woman was a little embarrassed, and had not bothered our members, just looking at us with a smile and seeing if anyone will cross her with her? The drunkenness and the leader of the team saw that she was somewhat panting, and she curiously tried to pick her burden, and said in unison: "Oh! It’s really heavy!"; The hawker could say a little Chinese y: "quite heavy! I had to take a long way to enter the city from the countryside". then she took the initiative to open the neckline, let us look at the shoulders of her neck, the old scars that have just been endured, all of which were left over for years. Seeing people picking up the burden, the reality was very laborite"

Asked her to agree to take a few photos, she was very generous, but did not take the initiative to ask for a tip, she did not ask us to buy her pineapple.

I carefully took out a dollar bill from my bag and not let others see it, nor let the hawker embarrassed, rolled into a small volume and sneaking it into her hands. She wants to give the pineapple, I gently shake my hand; she hesitated for a moment, finally understood what we mean, thank you very humble, and thank you for being drunk, we shook my head gently, and asked her not to thank!

As a result, when we visited the ancient temple, we forgot about this little thing, and actually met her again. She began to thank us once again but let us be very embarrassed, though one USA dollar can buy 6 small pineapples.  In the morning, the same amount tip would also be left in the room. For our tourists, there is really nothing. I really can’t afford so much of her thankfulness.

As a result, when I got on the tour bus and was about to leave, I was sitting at the window of the bus. I saw her searching in our car with eyes. She saw me and nodded silently. I waved at her but didn’t dare to Look at her again ----- because my heart was really get touched, in fact, it is really a small matter for us because of  that little bit of money, but it made her feel thankful, it is really mixed a lot of indescribable feelings, really, we  I can't help her with anything. There must be a lot of such kindness in this world; people who need help and know how to be grateful, but we can never do enough. How can we afford her thankfulness?

In this case, I also met once in the vicinity of "Poka Lake" in Nepal. It was also a mixed feeling, so that I couldn't finish the dinner that day----this encountering, I will talk about it next time.








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