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Right and Wrong, Justice and Evil 是非善惡與正邪

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Right and Wrong, Justice and Evil

Author :Chang Kai-Chi      張開基


When I was a child, before going to kindergarten, I didn’t have to buy a ticket to watch a movie. I often followed adults to watch movies. I like watching martial arts movies most of the time. At that time, it most popular were American movies.

I could not read the captions; only the "American Cavalry and the Red Indian" war, at first glance, I only know there were good people and bad guys. In the big Americanism, the cavalry team must be a good person and the red Indian must be a bad guy; others are always inevitable. I will ask adults again and again: That was a good person? Another's were a bad guys?

Until today, all movies characters still are characterized good and bad ones . Good people will suffer a lot of torture, misunderstandings but will eventually defeat the bad guys and win the final victory.

Our education since childhood is still addressing a good person will surely defeat the bad guys.

However, as I get older and the life time from school to military service; I slowly discovered the real world is not this case, whether in the workplace, in the money-making malls, or even in the love field---it’s not utopian.

In the military or in the workplace, the more hard working you are, would more easily to make the mistake and receive the punishment.  The more you fool around and make good relation with you Upper boss, the more easier get promoted.

In the shopping markets, the sale of fake goods is so bleak and more income I will make.  The honest selling true stuff can only make even profits and eventually might get bankruptcy.

Let us talk about boy/girl friend-making. For woman--only looking for honest and loyal to family.  The very popular results is the underworld character.  There is always one beautiful woman is willing to follow the big brother.

For man: if the girls fit my appetite and take care the house works.  The outcome: all man are loyal members of the "Appearance Association"; the enchanting beauty and/or large breasts is always pursued by everyone including the women working on special "industry".  No wonder these "industries" always belong  hot business.


Politics is inherently dirty;

In the election, the winners and losers should not have anything to do with "good and wrong" or  "righteousness and justice". If they think that winning of the election must be a good person, the loser must be evil. To be honest, if the level of cognition is like this, it is probably the kindergarten level and it is not qualified to be a educated society citizens..


Let's not frame the artificially defined "being good and evil and righteousness" in the natural world; otherwise, the result is just the opposite; human beings think that "the justice must defeat the evil " .   But in nature, the adaptive creature is often the winner.

In the newspaper, I read a literary essay written by a literary genre. One of his comment: "The vicious snake and beast definitely are evil!" Seems his cognition is really similar to "the cavalry must be a good person, the red Indians must be a bad person"?

Politics is a crucial battlefield full of bloody killing. It is a replica of nature. Is there anything that is "good and evil and righteousness"? The same old saying; knowing the word is one thing. It is one thing to type on the Internet. It is another thing to know whether it is enough for the world and political cognition. It will be said that any election victory or defeat is "evil" and  It’s not naive.  If there is no basic understanding of the world, it’s not qualified to talk about it.

This article is aiming at the overall social, political and life aspects. It is not related to any specific politician.





















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